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Hi, my name is Phil Nash, formerly from Bath and now living in Florida and I am reaching out to you to offer you my real estate services regarding your home in Florida.

Well, BREXIT has caused quite a stir both over here in the States, as well as in the UK. Whether you voted to leave or remain, the fact of the matter is the value of the pound has fallen resulting in a substantial increase in the value of your US home in UK pounds.

Here are some examples of the multiplier in value in adjusted UK pound figures.

For example:  if you bought your US home in the year 2000 and you paid the equivalent of UKL 100,000 , that home is now worth UKL 330,000 adjusting for property price increases and exchange rate: a multiplication factor of 3.30

If you are one of those owners that feel that benefit of owning a home in Florida is not what it used to be, I would like to offer you this opportunity to put your home on the market at 5% listing commission instead of the traditional listing commission plus a reduction of 1% if I find my own buyer (which I am very good at..!) …..a commission of 4%.

Hopefully, you are very happy with your piece of paradise despite the changes, but like everything, situations do change, and very often the remoteness of living in the UK often makes it difficult to find an agent to get your home sold without having to come over here. Not any more.

I have an office in Bradenton and regularly work with overseas clients, like yourself, on a one on one basis, offering total turn-key, “no need to be here”, “everything done for you”, services, whether you are buying or selling.

Call me on my UK number 01 225 630282  or email

I will make the home selling process as simple as it gets with the minimum of stress and strain.

Thanks very much. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheers for now.


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01 225 630282 UK